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Business Development
Histogen has a strong commitment to the development of first in class and best in class product applications within various therapeutic areas. As an innovator and a supplier of unique hypoxic- induced biomaterials, we seek (i) to leverage the Company's core competencies in order to develop novel products within the field of regenerative medicine and oncology, and (ii) to supply partners with our proprietary biomaterials to be incorporated into a broader array of products. In support of this mission, Histogen has made a significant investment in its core team of scientists and engineers, its intellectual property portfolio, and its manufacturing infrastructure.

Histogen's technology platform produces a liquid complex of embryonic-like proteins as well as an insoluble extracellular matrix material, each with significant potential in a number of high value applications such as hair growth and cancer therapies. Working closely with industry-leading partners and collaborators, we look to maximize the potential of our proprietary technology platform.

Our business development strategy has two approaches: partnering our programs at the stage of early to mid clinical development (e.g., Hair Stimulating Complex), and licensing other applications after seeing them through the proof of concept stage (e.g. device coatings).

For more information about partnering with Histogen, or to arrange a technology presentation, please contact us at or 858.526.3108.

Histogen Inc. is a regenerative medicine company based on the commercialization of products manufactured by newborn human cells.
  • Broad range of markets, which are underserved and expected to grow
  • Rich product portfolio
  • Solutions without the use of embryonic stem cells or animal products
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