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From its single proprietary manufacturing process which mimics the embryonic environment, Histogen produces two key products: 1) a soluble multipotent cell conditioned media (CCM) used for skin care and hair growth applications, and 2) an insoluble extracellular matrix (ECM) for orthopedics and wound care.

Cell Conditioned Media (CCM): The liquid complex produced through Histogen’s manufacturing process contains soluble biologicals with a diverse range of embryonic-like proteins. Because the cells produce and secrete these factors while developing the ECM, these proteins are naturally infused into the liquid media in a stabilized form. The CCM contains a diverse mixture of cell-signaling materials, including human growth factors such as Keratinocyte Growth Factor, soluble human ECM proteins such as collagen, and embryonic proteins which support the epidermal stem cells that renew skin throughout life. The naturally stabilized and bioactive CCM holds potential for a spectrum of applications in therapeutics and aesthetics.

Extracellular Matrix (ECM): The ECM produced through Histogen’s proprietary process is a unique, all-human, naturally-secreted material. It is most similar to early embryonic structural tissue which provides the framework and signals necessary for cell in-growth and tissue development. By producing similar ECM materials to those that aided in the original formation of these tissues in the embryo, regenerative cells are supported both in vitro and potentially as therapeutics in vivo. In addition to orthopedic uses including as a scaffold for the support of bone and cartilage growth and critical defect repair, this ECM holds therapeutic potential in areas such as tissue regeneration patches for surgical applications, wound healing, and coatings for medical devices.

Histogen’s first US patent entitled “Extracellular Matrix Compositions Produced Under Hypoxic Culture Conditions” was issued in September 2012, and covers the process through which its protein compositions are produced

To date, 6 US patents and 5 foreign patents have been issued to Histogen covering its compositions and their use for hair growth and other indications.

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